Lusoproa is a company dedicated to the Promotion and Management of Real Estate Investment, with its Head-Office in Lisbon.

Through the acquisition of assets in strategic locations, Lusoproa develops residential real estate projects adapted to the needs of the markets. With special focus on the development of projects in the regions of Lisbon and Algarve, it is currently with plans of expansion to other geographies.

Lusoproa is a 100% privately owned company that has been present for several years in the market, consolidating its expertise over the years and currently has a multidisciplinary team with a high level of experience in the various areas related to its activity.

With the high quality standards that characterize our projects, we seek to establish partnerships among the best companies in the market in order to guarantee the full satisfaction of our clients.


Saraiva + Associados was founded in 1996 in Lisbon by the architect Miguel Saraiva who remains ahead of the company’s destiny as CEO and project leader architect. The atelier develops its activity in the areas of Architecture, Urban Planning, Sustainability, Design and Interior Design. In 2015 two new companies were founded – S + A Green Lab – with the objective of developing sustainable solutions in the construction and urban environment; and S + A Concept Design in the scope of Design associated with Architecture and public space.


Through a multidisciplinary and universal approach, S + A’s work reflects a contemporary attitude, with integrated, innovative and sustainable solutions. The atelier portfolio presents a great multiplicity of projects that, in addition to creativity and innovation, reveal a remarkable cultural diversity.


S + A is a global brand of architecture with evident notoriety among players of the economy, decision makers and international media. Since 2011, S + A has been integrated every year into several categories in the World Architecture Largest Architecture Practices (WA100). In 2017 it was considered the 109th largest architecture company in the world.


Illusive’s goal is to please and exceed needs and expectations, with our intense desire for knowledge and passion in creating the most spectacular concepts out of simple ideas. We focus on going above and beyond, creatively, thanks to our team’s diverse backgrounds, be it cinema, television or post-production.


We have the necessary tools to respond to the best expectations of our clients regardless of the Creative, Advertising or Corporate area.


Our creative team (consisting of designers, animators, motion graphics, generalists, programmers, producers and directors) is ready to respond to our client’s challenges with unlimited resources. We’re proud of our creative thinking and savviness in what we do. Our creativity works hand in hand with our devotion to build ours projects from start to finish.

Albuquerque & Almeida

AA’s activity is focused on the main areas of Business Law: from Commercial Contracts to Financial Law, including Project Finance, from Tax Law to Corporate and to Securities’ Law, or, further still, from Public Law to Administrative Litigation, including Labour and Employment Law and Economic Crime Law. An important part of AA’s work also involves advising individual clients, in matters related to Family and Inheritance Law.

Baptista de Almeida

With over 50 years in the area of Construction, A. Baptista de Almeida (ABA), is focused in ensuring build quality, professionalism and expertise to the market. We operate in various business areas such as Tourism, Health, Industry and Trade, which make possible the experience and know-how development available to our customers in Portugal and France.

Having a professional leadership and business model within the industry best practices, ABA has implemented as of 2002 a Quality and Customer Satisfaction Policy. In fact we have been a pioneer company in the implementation of a Quality Management System in accordance with the standard NP EN ISO 9001. ABA has also a strict Safety Policy as well an Integrated Environmental Management System. Over the last years, ABA has been awarded consecutivel the SME Leader label (PME Lider) by the Portuguese governmental authorities, certifying our economic and financial capacity as the result of a strict and competent management.

As the result of the constant training and refreshing of the staff we have an experienced and committed technical team, aligned with the principles of productivity and continuous improvement. ABA also nurtures the development of a healthy environment with good working relations including with our Customers and Suppliers, hence establishing and cultivating long-term relationships.

A. Baptista de Almeida is recognized by its professionalism and availability in all projects it engages, ensuring a strict compliance with deadlines, a careful selection of its partners and suppliers and customer care.


Building Management is a company dedicated to providing services related to Engineering, Construction and Oversight.

Having as main objective to guarantee the full satisfaction of the results of its Clients, the company seeks to manage with rigor, criterion and innovation, all the projects in which it is involved.

Building Management is providing in this way a high set of services based on the experience and excellence of the multidisciplinary team, and from which stand out the activities of Project Management, Supervision and Works Management.